Our Mission

Love is foundation of all yoga & meditation. For Self & Everyone

Human Development

In the beginning of Yoga journey it is more about physical abilities how flexible or strong that we become through the practices of asana.

After a period of time our focus shifts more towards deeper understanding and awareness of our subtle energy system and it’s a process of yogic meditation.

From the physical body system, we move internally to an awakening state of our subtle energy and body system and start experiencing oneness, the ultimate cosmic universe.

World Peace & Harmony

Love is the foundation of all yoga and meditation. Love for self. Love to our fellow human beings, love for all of creations, love towards nature, love for divinity and finally worshiping the creation is the true yoga. Healing of Brain Power for Personal and Physical body, in this process one uses the power of their sub conscious mind, let’s look not just the material realm, lets zoom in to eternal and inspirational. Let’s say good bye to fear.

An realized yogic soul who lives in oneness, their thought and action are selfless as they truly see creator in all living being, then there is no difference of cast, creed or color and it is the beginning of flow of harmony in living being, in society and the world.

Organizational Enhancement

The method of Siddha Cosmic Meditation shall make the person very confident, calm, relax, happier & healthy even in their personal and family life. A healthy, confident, relaxed and happy employee with their freshness can work and will be result oriented up to 11 times more than a normal human being.

Serve & Save Nature

Like how a realized soul creates harmony with in them, in their society and the world, the need of a person, the need of society, the need of world becomes limited and it results in preserving of nature, preserving its wealth by all means. It balances the system of nature in one’s self and in the society and of the world and the entire nature is being benefited truly.

Women Empowerment

A woman is the best gift of God on the Planet earth as well as to a man. A women is always with an ocean of love and she is the true mother. She brings prosperity, fortune to family. Without her there is no existence of human being.

Women get enhanced with power yoga and meditation to balance the nurturing and calming nature of the home and sustain the family, community and society. Women must be encouraged to cultivate the flow of grace, love and devotion in order to sustain the feminine principle of the universe. Women has greater healing power within them more than a man, in her motherly form a child always experience the same.

Will power is most important power for empowering a women and yoga & meditation plays an important role in the same. For achieving greater success in life and to embrace the supreme power, Yoga and Meditation helps women to maintain their will power. Visit : WOMEN EMPOWERMENT by Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce

Soul Realization

Inner experience, connectivity with supreme, wisdom, love to the self and supreme and experience of oneness is the true soul realization.