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Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International may tribute this venture to their Guru Tatva, the stepping stone to the enlightening principle, it only lead us from darkness to light of pure consciousness.

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Our advisors and main teachers are Siddhas trained by traditional Siddha Master over a period of 10 to 15 years.

Siddha Cosmic

A Siddha is one who has attained a stage of realization where he/she is not bound by the injunctions of the Sastras, and where he has gone beyond the Vedas. A Siddha is one who enjoys perfect bliss, who is in pure cosmic consciousness even while in their physical body. The body is treated by him as the best medium of realizing the truth. Similar to the sacred rivers, temples, mountains, etc., the body is a sacred passage to the ultimate Reality.

The technique of the preservation of the body is called Siddha Sadhana(practice) : It is an attempt to attain a perfect body called Siddha Deha(Body). In short, one who has obtained the power of dematerializing and spiritualizing the body, and knows how to transmute the corruptible physical into the incorruptible super physical basis of life is a Siddha. A Siddha attains and possesses an eternal spiritual body called the Divine Body and is one who finally breaks out of the karmic cycle and attains total realization.



held by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International at Jai Bharat Engineering’s College COCHIN, INDIA

Science & Siddha

Ultimate goal of life should be fine tune our self to spiritual body. Bodily staged condition of a soul is a state of diseased stage. The body is cause of material pain and difficulties. Yoga & Meditation guide us to purity our body, mind and soul.

Yoga and Meditation is to get rid of our body difficulties and disorders and to make our body healthy, so one can enjoy material pleasure in other dimension. Yoga & Meditation is to bring peace and happiness in life. In Yoga & Meditation human body is a holy place. There are more than 72000 nerves in human body which constitute the energy system and if these nerve system if we are able to service and fine tune with the cosmic energy we reaches a stage of healthy , peaceful and harmony  life.

There are many kind of Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karam Yoga, Siddha Yoga , Bakthi Yoga etc.

Jnana yoga is realizing the truth from Veda’s Upanishads, other holy books whereas Karam Yoga is practiced doing duties and responsibilities by and serving others in the society.

Siddha Yoga is the way of utilizing our intelligence and attaining salvation and whereas Bakthi Yoga is the process of attaining salvation through love and devotion to god with the help of religious path.

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