How to invite peace

How to invite peace, prosperity & abundance by aligning your energies

The key to a happy and prosperous life lies in achieving three key states – peace, prosperity, and abundance.

Everyone wishes to prosper in these three areas and in this article we will give you a breakdown of how you can achieve it. 

Although there are several important factors and elements that help in attracting your desires, the key to manifesting them is by cultivating your energy. Cultivating your energy is a crucial step as manifestation fundamentally works on energy levels.

Energy Attracts Our Experiences

All of us are beings of energy – for instance, when our energy radiates at a low level we usually attract unfavorable outcomes. When however our energy radiates at a higher level, we tend to attract positive outcomes.

Your energy plays a key role in manifesting anything because your energy levels send out a message to the universe. Think of it this way – what you emit you attract. 

Let us try this with an example. Have you ever wondered when you wake up with low energy why the whole day turns out the same way – dull and unfavorable? If you stub your toe in the morning you get into a ‘mood’ and the day that follows levels on the same energy/ frequency. 

For some people, if the day starts with a bad incident, the whole day is filled with a series of bad incidents. 

Let us take another scenario into consideration. Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself to a friend or colleague? And have you felt a lack or deprivation of something? Whatever you do, whatever you have, you always want what your friends or colleague have and this, in turn, affects your energy levels.


Since you are focusing on the lack of something, you are manifesting more of it. If you focus all your attention and energy on things you do not have – well, you get more of it.

Each thought and feeling we have, we send out in the form of energy to the Universe, and since the universe responds in kind, you get more of that. In a nutshell, the universe responds and delivers circumstances, people, and outcomes that match our vibrational frequency or energy level.

Let us start with a step-by-step process

Cultivate your feelings into an experience: in order to cultivate your feelings, you must first know what you want and focus on how you would feel after having your desire fulfilled. Our go-to method is meditating – first clearing the mind, body, and soul of any distractions and focusing on the end goal – what you wish to achieve.

The second step is to send your desire out to the universe – you can chant your desires to the universe and believe as though your wishes will be granted. High energy messages to the universe always come to effect immediately.

Believe you deserve it – the last part of the process includes you believing that you deserve to have what you want. Claim your wishes as yours and ye shall receive them.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a technique that has been around for thousands of years. People have and still use meditation to control their thoughts, body and soul. While some use it to increase concentration and attain peace of mind, others use it to unlock a higher frequency – awareness of oneself. To become fully aware you must meditate in a place that is quite and free from disturbances and you shall yield the outcome you want.

All of us know that meditation is a vital practice to help you manage your thoughts – both positive and negative. You can also get a clearer perspective on your wants, needs, and desires. With the help of meditation, you become more open to the universe by achieving a state of self-awareness and openness thus can practice a more powerful and authentic form of manifestation.

There are many benefits of meditating such as stated below:

You identify your blocks and learn to overcome them: It is important to identify and unclog your blocks. These can be emotional, mental, or physical blocks that hinder you from achieving your end goal. With the help of meditation, you can easily identify what thoughts or emotions are blocking your energy and vibrations and you learn to listen to your body for cues whilst also blocking the outside world from mingling with your thoughts or emotions.

 You can learn to steer your emotions from a negative path to a positive one and can also align your thoughts to match a higher vibration resulting in positive energy. 

In a nutshell, you learn to train your intuition and in return take more inspired actions and it also helps you visualize your end goal.

It aligns you to the universe and in return brings you into a flowing state: A higher vibration means you are emitting positive energy into the universe. The universe tends to respond more favorably to positive energy, so whatever you emit, you receive.

It is therefore advised to meditate for 10 minutes to an hour daily. Get to know yourself and know what is limiting your energy. 

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