Cosmic Consciousness for Body, Mind & Soul Development

Some call it a mystical experience whereas others would refer to it as spiritual or metaphysical awareness. Those who have attained cosmic consciousness have reported a few characteristics of the higher self with respect to moral elevation, intellectual awakening or illumination, transfiguring the way they are perceived by others, and loss of sin. For every person, enlightenment appears on another level, depending on their end goal, and the methods used may vary from person to person.

Putting it simply, cosmic consciousness is a practice that has been used for centuries all across the world. Gurus have used it, our Gods have used it and many spiritual seekers have grown fond of it. It is a grand and sublime experience that induces awe, and joy, and is free of pain, suffering, and fear. 

People who achieve cosmic consciousness work on a different frequency; the energy they exhibit is positive and makes the individual appear tranquil and at ease.

Perfect awareness, a state that represents oneness in life, is a perfect example of cosmic consciousness. To experience a state of oneness or perfect awareness is quite simple yet most overlooked. This state or experiencing complete bliss can be achieved by withdrawing oneself from the external world or as we like to call it – the objective world.

How to Unlock Cosmic Consciousness to Develop your Mind, Soul & Body

Behind every particle, every being, every existence, and state of being there is the epitome of intelligence that is constantly evolving – the conscious mind. The mind is a powerful tool that helps us reflect our intelligence in our strategies, purpose in life, and overall existence. Although we are generally taught that the mind construes of 3 levels – conscious mind, unconscious mind, and subconscious mind, there is a higher level viz the superconscious level. While the individual mind is conditioned with judgment, confusion, and resentment, the conscious mind is free of thoughts, conditions, and judgment and leans more towards mindfulness and continual awareness.

 Scientists, spiritual teachers, and scholars all believe the mind is a tool that can take you places you have never thought of. It is true what people say – the mind is in fact a powerful tool. It is the nucleus of cosmic consciousness and with our help, you can unlock the level of higher awakening easily and steadily. 

To unlock the conscious mind, experts recommend meditating, chanting the sound of Omkara or other sounds to enchant the mind and reach inner bliss or Ananda. With our expert guidance, you will learn to break free from the bondage of desire, longing, and unnecessary cravings while also reflecting on your inner state of beauty and calm. With the help of our manifestation techniques in both infinite form and names, your inner and outer self merges with your higher self. You can attain the highest state of Sahaj Samadhi or as others call it the state of God’s consciousness. 

The Role of the Soul in Cosmic Consciousness

Now that we have established that the mind is the nucleus of achieving cosmic consciousness, we would now like to introduce an important pillar that helps attain cosmic consciousness faster. 

Spirituality is a subjective matter corroborated by intuitive dialectics. Some may even say that it is a matter that extends beyond neuroscience and psychology because of the role it plays in cosmic consciousness. 

If we take a closer at spirituality, we can unearth that it has its own premise, procedure and its own purpose. Ergo, in soul consciousness, the soul works in correspondence with internal divinity and bestows the soul with eternal divinity. Our gurus reckon that with a soul conscious vision, you can see the qualities of the soul within other people. Once you begin to see those qualities, you can fill your own soul with the divine qualities and take the step to become virtuous. 

Each and every action we take can be connected to a virtue.  And so as we become virtuous, we become powerful. Our virtues protect us from the vices of others. You can unlock soul consciousness with intuitive methods. We teach our students how to tap into their inner self and block out all corruptions, negative thoughts, fear, anger, and resentment. Our practices let you become one with your thoughts and spirituality. 

The role of the body in Cosmic Consciousness

When we talk about cosmic consciousness, we tend to assign the term to thoughts and how we need to adjust our thoughts to align with the universe at all levels possible. However, if you think of it, our body acts as a medium for our soul and mind. Without the body, cosmic consciousness would be hard to achieve. Just like the universe acts as a body that houses magnetic fields and energy fields, our body supplies the necessary units to achieve higher consciousness. 

Cosmic Consciousness, in a nutshell, develops the body, mind, and soul to unify to achieve the level of one’s higher self. By practicing cosmic consciousness, you train yourself to ward off unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and obstacles that would otherwise disrupt your frequency. 

With us, you can attain the following:

Establish a sense of unity and oneness via methods that are comprehensive yet not fragmented. We also help you see your relationship with other entities and help you transfigure them. With our help, you will realize that the awareness you will experience is closer to the truth and you can explore more about your higher self by getting in touch with us.

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