How to Achieve Personal Goal Manifestation

Many of us have dreams – some may seem difficult to achieve whilst others may not. If you have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, have been guided by gurus that teach self-awareness or help you unlock your higher self, or even if you have been to manifestation classes, you must have heard that your life is the result of the thought and feelings you have manifested over time.

Manifesting is a process of transforming your goals into reality or into existence with your mind, body, and soul. It is a phenomenon that has been around for centuries. It is believed that great people such as Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carry, and other great personalities have used manifestation to get to their goals.

What is the secret of manifesting what you want?

Manifestation starts with your thoughts. Everything begins with your mind – your thoughts, your visualization process, and your feelings. Therefore, it is essential for you to shift or change your thoughts to things you wish to achieve but the process does not end here. There is more to manifestation than just shifting your thoughts. 

However, the first step is to shift your thoughts to positive ones. Be optimistic about your goals and think of having already achieved your goals. Once you are in the habit of the “can do” attitude and spirit, your subconscious mind is wired to react to your thoughts as though you have already achieved your goal/ dream.

There are a few things that you need to define before beginning the process; the first one is defining your goal(s). 

You need to be specific and clear about what you want, do not worry about the ‘how’ just now. If you are struggling with understanding what it is you want, take a few minutes to think about what it is that you would like to have or achieve. This could be getting your dream job or dream car, perhaps a vacation in the Bahamas, or finding the love of your life.  

Once you have understood what it is you wish to achieve, write it down and then go on to create a vision board. 

A vision board is nothing but a board that contains a glimpse of what you want. You may also call it a mood board/ collage of all that you want to achieve. This can be a collection of photos/ images or quotes that revolve around your goals. Remember, your vision board should contain everything you wish to be or everything you wish to achieve. You can change the board once you have accomplished one of your goals, so do not worry about the board being static.

Now that we have established the concept of the vision board, we move on to the third step – affirming a mantra. A mantra can be a word, a string of words that you chant or repeat throughout the day. 

Start your day by affirming – this can be as simple as affirming you will have a good day or simply chanting Om when thinking of your goals. The goal is to repeat words that are positive and that affirm your intentions – this can be a simple ‘I am worthy of XYZ’s or ‘I will have a great day.

 If you chant your mantra at least 3 times throughout the day viz in the morning, in the afternoon, and once before you go to bed, you will notice your subconscious mind will shift to a more positive outlook and positive outcomes will follow.

The next step is visualization meditation. When you sit in a calm place and start meditating whilst also visualizing the life, goals, and achievements you want, you will notice a shift in frequency. 

A study states that athletes were asked to visualize winning a race, and it was noted that the same muscles were triggered via visualization as when they actually run.  The body accustoms itself to your thoughts and visuals, therefore it is important for you to play out your desires and goals in your head for at least 10 minutes a day. Again, you can start the day by visualizing your goals and end it the same way. 

Also, remember to be thankful. Be grateful for the things you already have, once you learn to be grateful for what you currently have, the door to abundance opens. We reckon writing down at least one good thing that happened each day and be thankful for that. For instance, you can be thankful for getting a parking space in an otherwise crowded market, or you could be thankful for reaching work on time. The list is endless and does not have to be too extensive. 

Many great teachers will tell you the same thing – you can train your mind to work in your favor. The mind is a powerful tool that can help you grant your desires, so why not put it to good use? It is important to note that manifestation begins with the mind. There is no magic involved. It is your mind doing the work and sending positive signals to the universe. You must be on a positive frequency and emit those frequencies in order to see your dreams come true.

Do not worry about the how of achieving things, worry about the process of getting started. It all starts with your thoughts which slowly reflect in your actions. 

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