What is Cosmic Consciousness & How to Achieve it?

Many people question whether there is such a thing as higher consciousness. A tiny fragment of the population believes they have in some way interacted with a higher entity – God or a higher version of themselves – whilst others presume it to be a myth. Whether or not you believe in God, there is a part of every being that believes in a higher-self and in this blog we will talk about his level of consciousness and ways to achieve it.

For decades, spiritual traditions around the world have asserted a hidden reality that can be uncovered via transcending the five senses. Some attain it via religious practices whilst others attain it with meditation and perseverance.

 Of course there is no “one shoe fits all” method to achieve cosmic consciousness as many traditions suggest several ways of attaining and accomplishing the process of transcending. However, some proven methods include various practices such as meditation, prayer or even renunciation.

That being said, what is cosmic consciousness really?

Cosmic consciousness, in simple words, is a form of higher consciousness or a spiritual level of both awareness and consciousness.

In other words, cosmic consciousness is a term used to describe or characterise a state of self-consciousness. The notion of cosmic consciousness indicates that a person disembarks themselves from their egoistic viewpoint or the identity that they associate with and relate to the creation that does not depend on or that is limited by their ego.

It is believed that this sort of awareness is connected with an involvement of knowing or interacting with God or of transcending the five senses whilst also finding a hidden consciousness or reality that extends beyond the perceivable world viz the universe. 

In other words, cosmic consciousness is an inherent element in mankind that can be achieved by training your mind and body whilst at the same time being disciplined in practising what you preach. Although cosmic consciousness exists in every being yet not many know how to activate this level of consciousness, which brings us to the next title which is how to achieve this level.

How to achieve or unlock cosmic consciousness?

The first step to cosmic consciousness or awareness is self-awareness.  Self-awareness is a concept that inculcates us contemplating our place in the universe. This is a continuous journey wherein one needs to learn to self-appraise and self-improve oneself – this can be achieved by looking at yourself and working on areas that need “fixing”.

This being said, it is a long and taxing process to unlock this level as it requires full attention and dedication. Although many of us are imbued with the ability to pursue the cosmic energy field, not many are able to unlock it because we tend to give up when we “fail” to attain cosmic consciousness at the snap of a finger.

Step 1 of attaining cosmic consciousness

One way to go about this is via meditation. Meditation is a process that requires you to focus all your energy and concentration to a focal point in your mind to disembark all your thoughts from the pressure or negativity around you. With meditation, you can awaken and activate your third eye chakra – the Ajna linked to perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. By unlocking the third eye chakra, we then need to focus on merging the 3rd eye chakra with the crown chakra to attain cosmic consciousness.

When meditating, it is vital that you think about the problems that are within your control and unlock suitable solutions to those problems. Additionally, you should allow yourself to explore the root cause of those problems and focus on releasing every burden lingering or associated with it. For instance, paying heed to what attitude, behaviour or action is causing the problem you should yearn for a solution to avoiding it.

Step 2 of attaining cosmic consciousness

The second step to unlocking a higher consciousness is by turning self-awareness to self-improvement.

How to turn self-awareness into self-improvement?

Meditation alone is not going to help you achieve cosmic consciousness however when paired with other methods such as self-improvement, it is an effective technique. By recognising your areas of improvements and bringing them to your attention or your consciousness levels, you stand a higher chance of attaining cosmic consciousness. 

It is important to note that a significant aspect of cosmic consciousness is one’s ability to be aware of life as well as the universe and its entirety and how these “elements” are interconnected. With this level of consciousness, one is able to see things in a unified mode. Paired with belief, conquering a higher level of consciousness becomes easier – and truth be told, there is nothing as satisfying as introducing yourself to the universe – as this gives birth to a new and improved version of your former self. 

Why should you opt for cosmic consciousness?

In order to gain an enhanced and clearer understanding of your existence, it is important to introduce yourself to cosmic consciousness. Of course, reaching this kind of consciousness takes a lot of dedication and patience but if you are someone who wants to broaden their general view of the human form and life as a whole, then finding your way to cosmic consciousness is the way to go.

We at Siddha Cosmics will help you align the energies of your mind and body to attain the highest level of consciousness with tried and tested methods from our experts. We understand that every person’s ability to attain this level may vary but with patience and perseverance, attaining cosmic consciousness becomes easier. 

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